Date to Celebrate Blasting Off into New Worlds Theme Activity
Monday, January 24th  


Computer Science

Space Talk: Launch into Scratch coding

Mission Monday “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”


·       Read a book about saving our planet


·       Blasting off into space can be bright. Wear sunglasses and brightly colored attire.


·       CS- Create a space scene with characters that ’emote’ to share their thoughts or feelings using sounds, colors, and actions.
Tuesday, January 25th  

Environmental Science


Tuesday #Trashtag

·       Share a photo and/or a good read to help raise awareness and encourage others to do good for the planet.


·       Wear green for Going Green!


·       Recite the Reader’s Oath



Wednesday, January 26th  



Wild About Reading “Houston, we have a problem”


·       Read a mystery Or Read  a scientific text to complete a science experiment


·       Go wild about reading. Wear your favorite animal print or attire.

Thursday, January 27th  



Leaders are Readers Hidden Figures


·       Read a biography about someone in science, space, engineering, or math


·       Students tweet your favorite book titles and/or quotes.


·       Wear red and be “Well Read”

Friday, January 28th  


Crocs and Socks Technology made both Crocs and socks possible


·       Share a photo and tell us the most interesting part of the design of socks and/or Crocs.


·       Wear your favorite Crocs and/or socks.